Sue’s Pattern

Fill Harmonics Sampler

Featuring 27 designs, many of which are from Sue’s Fill Harmonics book, this wholecloth pattern includes four categories of intriguing designs: Circular, Pebble, Grid and Edge to Edge. Each design is fully illustrated and includes step-by-step instructions. The pattern also includes a full-szed and traceable outline pattern. What are you waiting for?

$22.00 USD (+tax)

Sue’s Harmonic Ruler Set

Containing two ¼” thick acrylic rulers, this set was designed specifically for Sue’s Fill Harmonic Sampler wholecloth pattern. The ingenious design of these two rulers makes it possible to accurately sew various arcs and circles within this pattern.

For your convenience, we’ve included a QR code on each ruler. This nifty feature provides instant access to a comprehensive reference guide, ensuring you always have the information you need at your fingertips. What’s there not to love? Set of two rulers – $51.00 USD (+ tax)

Want Even More Harmony?

We’ve combined the ruler set with the Fill Harmonic Sampler pattern and given it special pricing. Save $9 when you purchase them both. $64.00 USD (+ tax).

For information on how the Harmonic Ruler set is used with Sue’s Fill Harmonics Sampler pattern, see this link.